You Can Source, Import and Private Label Products From China, South America and other countries

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What if you could source and self brand products from the largest producer of consumer products in the world? China! What if you could source, brand and promote one the most highly valued and used consumables in the world, Colombian coffee! The reasons we are involved in this business can vary, from hobby level to creating a real business and by business I mean a business produces profitable sales income and has the potential for future growth. There are many countries that you can source products from but if you examine closely product offerings in every department you will find that consumer goods produced in China dominate the space. Regarding coffee, Colombia produces some of the finest commercial and specialty grade coffees in the world, bar none!

We want to outline for you why you should approach sourcing using the expertise and resources our services provide.

Sourcing, importing and creating successful brands took us years to fully understand, and we made many mistakes along the way. Our goal is to open minds to the possibilities and opportunities that are well within reach.

Sourcing products to sell always seems to be issue at some point. This constant need to feed the pipeline with existing or new products pushed us to seek new sourcing channels and methods to buy products, products that sold at a fair velocity and turned a profit. The problem was, there weren’t many options out there. If we wanted to have a successful, profitable and most importantly a sustainable ecommerce channel merchant business it was essential to keep a consistent flow of goods, potential deals and back up secondary source products in the pipeline. The question remained, where do I get them? Another major hurdle was when developing solid domestic sources for products you often have 20-30 other sellers selling that same item and product acquisition becomes a constant battle on a highly competitive playing field.

We had a sense from day to day activities and touching our ecommerce accounts including Amazon the space for 3P merchants was growing dramatically. What I did not realize was that our biggest challenges would be discovering where to get the goods that will sell, actually turn at a rate that made sense, keep cash flow stable, and let’s not forget, goods that manufacturers would actually sell us without a history in that particular industry. We grew tired and frustrated when receiving the disappointing warning messages “stop selling on Amazon or any ecommerce channel, period!” or the more disastrous, a wholesalers decision to sell only master distributors and would no longer supply that awesome X widget to your company. Manufacturer X decides to raise costs and sell the product themselves on many ecommerce channels. Most products have a life cycle, in fact all products have a cycle, start, ramp up, peak and when more and more sellers get on the listing it starts to level off, supply exceeds demand and sell prices drop. We do focus on China as a primary source of products that have great potential and we continue to utilize that market for many private label products with great success. That is one of the reasons that although never abandoning physical non-consumable products to source and brand from China we decided some years ago to source, create and market high quality, single origin specialty coffees, specifically from Colombia and have seen solid success. Not only as an ecommerce product and brand but marketed to retail stores, wholesale buyers, institutions and promotional channels. Coffee, the ultimate consumable, your customers buy your product again and again!

At some point any 3P Merchant that wants growth, sustainable growth that is, needs to make decisions on what, how and from where goods will be sourced. The domestic market is great, no doubt about it, in fact if we all had the ability to call these flagship companies whose products sell and sell we would be doing it, simple as that. In most cases that is not an option.

The frustration of scrambling for a consistent, predictable supply of goods leads to one conclusion. Stop thinking about it and take action, get started. Sounds easy enough right? But, the dilemma still remains, from where? What if you could source from the largest producer of consumer products in the world? China. It can be done and certainly many of us have researched and even put our toe in the water with Alibaba and Aliexpress. These are not illogical choices, and there can be some success using that approach, although at a higher risk level.

We believe in, and live in the world of sourcing goods and creating brands from goods manufactured in China. We have the infrastructure, legal, sourcing and organizational pieces in place and functioning at a high level. We always look to minimize risk and financial exposure by testing items before there is higher volume purchases and risks. Fei Hu is a an IP/Intellectual Property attorney, licensed in the United States and an active partner living and working in China.

The logic is correct, the time to take steps to learn these processes has never been better and APF.Archway can provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to make it happen.